Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fitting Acronym's

You just have to love it when acronym's are so fitting. Here are some very fitting ones from the Obama administration.  Start the week with a good laugh!

During his State of the Union address, Barack Obama debuted a key phrase for his administration's plans this year: "Win the future." As the pop-culturally savvy know, this phrase reduces to the rather unfortunate acronym "WTF." Since this is a family journal we won't spell it out, but it's actually shorthand for a fitting reaction to most of the administration's actions.

Enter Joe Biden, he of "BFD" fame, to straighten things out. Announcing the aforementioned $53 billion rail system, Joe the Gaffer used the phrase "seize the future." This time, the unfortunate acronym is STFU. Of course, that's what Obama has been trying to tell Biden since day one.

Hat tip to the Patriot Post.


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Anonymous said...

ROTFL!! Ticker, thanks for a good chuckle to get this week started!

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day to you & Mrs. Ticker!!


Always On Watch said...

OK. I admit it. I laughed when I read this one.

Debbie said...

I had not heard that last one from Biden. What a gaff machine. Obama has been campaigning for 2012 since before the state of the union speech. I hope he LOSES. Boy do I hope he loses. Ann Coulter said if Chris Christie does not run then Mitt Romney will win for sure. She said many people in the primaries vote for a name they remember, which is both true and sad.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Well thank you BDI for the kind words. Feel free to visit anytime.

Z said...

STFU..I am laughing our loud!!! You're hilarious!
I guess I should just go STFU now :-)

Chuck said...

STFU, if only they would

Ticker said...

Z As long as you are doing what you do, Striving for the Future, the STFU does not apply to you

Chuck let em rant at least we know where they are and can swat em, like skeeters. It's the dang skeeter that you can't hear that will bite you.