Friday, February 11, 2011

He's In, He's Out or Is He? /This is a TEST

Murbarak  did not step down, and then he did, handing power to the military. The question now turns to how the military, long Egypt's most powerful institution and now its official ruler, will handle the transition in power since they backed Murbarak.  Is Murbarak still running things from the sidelines?  Only he and the military know for sure.
 Of course the inept Obama administration and it's lack of knowing what is going on in situations such as this is not surprising. The flake at the CIA  and the head of intelligence should have known long before the speech what was going to occur but again, ineptness ruled.
Obama , on the campaign trail as usual, and demanded change". Well we here in the US see what "youth" and their lack of intelligence and or knowledge have achieved in the way of change.  

Obama and his inept minions claim a desire for "smooth transition" but by their taking sides and placing Murbarak in a no win situation have done nothing to insure smooth transition.  Even the Saudi’s told Obama to back off and leave Egypt to Egypt. Of course the  “narcissist in chief” knows better and will do what fuels his ego and that is to appear to be the one who knows best for the entire world.  He has  failed to understand , “hey , I won, get over it” doesn't last forever except in his own mind.

Time for the inept Obama to SHUT UP along with the rest of those who seem to think they know what is best for a sovereign country to do. Let Egypt take care of Egypt.

Now we have a volatile situation, the army is in charge with no guarantees that anything will actually change other than Murbarak is no longer in Cairo. The protesters have not gone from the square and many vow to stay until the "change" they want occurs.   More so than yesterday or the weeks before it appears that more of the politicians in DC know more about what is good for Egypt than the Egyptians.

Oil prices rose immediately!  Wonder if Obama and his minions along with this puppet master Soros are rejoicing?
Of course they are and this too is another contrived crisis brought about by those who would destroy this country.  How is this going to Obama and his puppet masters plan?  Will it bring the economy to a halt and then suddenly the “hero” will speak the magic words and it will end, insuring him of the adoration of the sheeples who have no clue as to the manipulations going on behind the scenes by “Hedge funders” like Soros?  Some ask, Did Soros have anything to do with the unrest. Many think as I, he did. Read it here and here.

Wonder how he and his puppet master are viewing the “fluid situation”?  Is the test going the way they thought it would go? Yes, I called it a test because I believe that this is exactly what it was, a test for future “crisis” in this country.

The test of “pulling the switch on the Internet” could certainly be viable. Remember the  “ Internet Kill Switch Bill” is up for a vote in Congress soon.  Did it go the way Obama and his puppet master and minions perceived it to go?

Did the unrest which created the “perceived food shortages” go according to plan?  If there were actual shortages then how have thousands managed to live without food in the square now for weeks?  Was the protest used to block food from the rest of the population in the city to bring about a contrived crisis and further unrest?  How would that work in the US under such a contrived crisis?  Was the watchful eye on this “fluid situation” taking it all in?

How will the military react now?  Now there is a question for Obama and his minions to consider . I am sure they are watching with great anticipation to this “fluid situation”.  How would the Military in the US react? I am sure that could be a troubling question for the “Won”.  Of course putting into place and keeping in place those who  evidently share his beliefs that the military needs to be cut drastically and will go to any lengths to destroy it should come as no surprise and should raise the red flags to those who believe in a strong military to defend the Constitution of this country.

As they say on TV folks,  THIS IS A TEST!  And yes IMO this has been a test. Look for the next “contrived crisis” to occur before 2012 elections.  Be ready for the test, read the warning signs that will be forthcoming in the next months.  The next announcement will not be a TEST. It will be the real thing.


Debbie said...

He's out and Obama is waiting to see which way the wind blows around the world before he speaks. He's planning a big speech to the world (cough, sigh, gag). Got to get his talking points down first.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Debbie he is becoming like a hemorrhoid commercial!

Anonymous said...

Whaat do you mean, "commercial"? He IS a hemorrhoid!!!

Old Rose

Ticker said...

DING DING we have a winner--- OLD ROSE!!!!

Z said...

Just about to comment some inane thing and read Old Rose's comment and had a good laugh! I'd say that's the winner, too! :-)

As for the WON.......ptui.
What are Soros' next marching orders? We have to wait and see...but your conjecture is pretty darned good.

Ticker said...

Thanks Z. It seems a lot of folks seem to feel the same about Soros. He is TROUBLE and always has been. He has hid it fairly well but when the facts open up he has manipulated more than one downfall. His main target, according to his own words, The USA.