Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Debate; Who Won and Who Lost

What a farce this supposedly debate in Town Hall style turned out to be. Tom Brokow, a well known Obama supporter and one who has been in the Obama tank from day one got to pick the questions. Of course Tom picked the questions that the empty suit could answer without a teleprompter, those that he could repeat the same old BS over and over again without actually saying anything that the people wanted to hear. Of course the Obamazombies were falling out in the holy Obama spirit and having tingling feelings up and down their legs as he continued to repeat the same old line that has been shown to be less than forthright but it matters not for the messiah.

Obama said nothing. McCain had to stick with the program and never had the opportunity to say anything new. The only question was on Israel on which McCain gave the only acceptable answer and Obama slacked. But then we already knew the truth about where Obama stoodd on Israel regardless of his rhetoric.

Did anyone notice that the questions from the Black members of the audience went to McCain and not Obama? Wonder why? Of course Brokow picked who got to ask the questions to whom.

Well once again no one knows a dang bit more about Obama after tonight than they did 6 weeks ago. The only thing that most know is that he barely can answer the same repeated questions with the same canned answers without a teleprompter. We don’t know any more about his character than we knew 6 weeks ago. We don’t know any more about his relationships with questionable individuals and why he had them than we did 6 weeks ago. We don’t know anymore about his morals than we did 6 weeks ago. We don’t know much about anything when it comes to Obama than we did 6 weeks or 6 months ago.

When will the American people actually get a good look at Obama. Well the answer is simple. If the LSM and folks like Brokow have their way we won’t know anymore about him until it is too late and he is sitting in the White House screwing up the country to a point of no return. That is the plan of the left , Soros and his crowd and the Democrats who know they will have a perfect "useful idiot" in the WH that they can do what ever they wish to do without anyone to even question their direction and ideas. Of course their ideas are his socialist ideas and why should he question , just whip out the pen and sign what ever is put in front of him to tax and spend this country into oblivion.

So the answer to the question in the title of this post, who won and who lost. The answer is simple, the LSM won and the American people lost …big time.

ADDENDUM: A friend of mine who is a stickler for debating rules sent this to me just after the debates. It seems that he kept time, which is more than Brokow did except in words. Here is what the results from the " time keeper" .

Obama did get more time to answer than did McCain In fact He had about 4 minutes and 47 seconds more time as I was using a stop watch on time from the time they said the first word.


EDGE said...

I wish McCain would take the gloves off and go after Obama! He really had some opps last night to make something happen!

Ticker said...

He screwed up edge and failed to take the openings and deliver the knockdown punch which would have lead to an eventual KO. I heard them, saw the openings and had the answer in a sec. Maybe I should be president. LOL