Monday, October 6, 2008

Election News That is Actually News

Well it finally happened. The public has awakened and the call is out for a real change.

I am flattered and I feel that I must accept. I can assure you that the change I will work with you to bring about will be more than just the change in your pockets offered by the other candidates.
I make no rash promises about what I can or will do because I am not in possession of a crystal ball as it seems others may have in their possession. I can tell you that I most certainly put my country first just as those of you who have put forth this grass root effort have done, and not be swayed by the polls. Polls, as everyone knows ,can be made to say what those wanting something for nothing or an easy way out want them to say. There is no something for nothing and there are no easy buttons even at Staples. It will take hard work by all of us.

I ask only for one new tool to use in my administration and that is a sharp RED pencil and a line item veto and I will put this country back on track and Congress back to doing the job they were elected to do and that is to represent you and not lobbyist who offer the most money for the least effort.
My second request is that you demand of your congressional representatives that they vote for TERM LIMITS and through that and the sharp Red pencil we will get things done. If they fail to vote for such, vote them out. That will cure 99% of the problems we have facing us today.

Together, you and I can actually make a change and not just a promise and a hope for such. We will have to work hard but I know that together, we can git 'r done.

I want to thank all the folks who have worked hard to bring this about. It was certainly a surprise to me to wake up this morning to this news.

I remain your humble servant,


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