Thursday, October 9, 2008

Polls: Obama or McCain Is Winning

There are three basic reasons to be skeptical about the validity and accuracy of polls: First, there is the well-known problem of bias that results from how polls are worded. Second, the raw data for the polls almost always is "adjusted" by the pollsters to give more weight to the Democratic responses. And third, the results of the polls almost always are within the reported "margin of error." So one can not always be sure of just exactly what polls are saying.

Of course the usual suspects will always tell you that their polls showing their messiah in the lead are always 100% correct.

Thanks to our friends at American Thinker


EDGE said...

These polls have the whole thing wrapped up don't they!

Vote early and often I say!

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Ticker said...

I learned how to skew polls a long time ago when I was doing my "field experience" in undergrad and then when I did my internship and wrote Federal Grant proposals. Let me tell ya, it is soooooo easy to make numbers say what you want them to say and as we are seeing,the Obamazombies and the alphabet LSM groups are doing a bang up job with it.

Ticker said...

great site by the way. I will read a bit more of him in the next day or so and then add him to my favorites list. I have already passed his site along. I see a lot of folks that I am connected with read him as well.