Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Powell Works Hard For His Thirty Pieces of Silver

Maggie ( Maggie's Notebook) makes some excellent points about General Powell and also offers a video of the general making some obviously very misleading statements. Actually where I come from they would be just called what they are, flat out lies but then he’s a former General and it will be overlooked and it be called misspeaks. You know the same kind that Obama makes in the eyes of the LSM when he flat out lies. In the video you'll note that Powell is clearly accusatory toward the McCain campaign, never mind that neither McCain or Palin have said such:

...this little Muslim connection and my goodness, he's a terrorist

General Powell should know that his celebrity stature does not enable him to speak for America but somehow the LSM and others think he does.

It certainly does show more of the character of the once admired man, General Colin Powell and displays his Intellectual Dishonesty


Anonymous said...

Didn't have to work too bloody hard!! His "skins" showed their true "colours" the minute he opened his mouth! Plus, I understand he got a great job, working for Ob(s)ama as an advisor. That's gonna take more than any "thirty pieces of silver".

Old Rose

Rosemary said...

Good post. As I've said before, he never was a Conservative so I'm not surprised. It is, however, pretty hard to wipe away history. HE DID go to the UN to sway them. HE DID look over the CIA's intel for 4 days without anyone's help from the administration. If anyone misled him, it was himself. That's what happens with affirmative action.

There are many brilliant black men out there who could run circles around him. No, I will not thank him for leaving us in Iraq the first time. NO, I will not forgive him for putting Bremmer in Iraq for a year when we should have had a General. BAD, BAD judgement, Powell.

I am, however, glad he is finally in the party in which he has belonged all these years. I would thank him for his service, but the only service of his that I'm aware of is the service I've already stated. VN? I don't know enough about. If he went, then good on him. That's it though.

Thanks for allowing the space to rant. :)

Ticker said...

This tells the story of the General: