Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Shot "Heard Around the World

Last night was the final debate between the two men who want to be President of this country, John McCain and Barack Obama. After the second debate, I asked the question, "Who won, and who lost?" My conclusion in that debate was that the LSM won and the American people lost. My reasoning behind that statement was that, after all this time, stump speeches, debates and countless hours of media time, the American people still don’t know any more about Barack Obama than they did 4 years ago, or even two years ago. After tonight’s debate, I believe the people finally got a small glimpse into who Barack Obama actual is and what he actually stands for. Of course, the LSM will not spread the word or make much of the evening’s two biggest statements. Those of us who do not and have not had our heads buried in the "messiah’s" backside actually knew all we needed to know about Obama to decide that we want no part of him running this country or his wife being First Lady.

Last night, as I said, two comments were made by John McCain that should have shown those who still are undecided all they need to know about Barack Obama and to bring them to the conclusion that this man is not worthy to be President, nor is our American way of life safe if he is elected.

McCain's first statement, and many will think it inconsequential, was, “I am not George Bush, and if you wanted to run against him, you should have done so four years ago.” Why is that important? First of all, it is the first time that McCain has actually called Obama’s hand on his constant repetition of McCain being more of the same and Obama’s constant use of the phrase, "the failed policies of the last 8 years." McCain, for those who have a brain to understand, has not been the President for the last eight years. Sadly, to hear the LSM and the Obama camp tell it, McCain has actually been running things for the past eight years and not George Bush, or that somehow McCain has been telling Bush how to do things the last eight years. That, coupled with the number of items that McCain could rattle off where he has stood against George Bush's policies, countered the pitiful amount that Obama could name (one actually, Tort Reform). This should have eliminated Obama’s comparison of McCain and Bush.

The second, and probably the biggest and most important, was about Joe the Plumber and Obama’s reply to Joe about taxes. Obama said, and I paraphrase, "I don’t want to hurt you, but I believe we should spread the wealth around." The statement, I believe we should spread the wealth around, should be the total and complete campaign against Obama for the next 18 days. Ronald Reagan used the tax thing in his run and came from a huge deficit to win the election, and John McCain can do the same thing IF his campaign will just use Obama’s own words on taxes against him for the next 18 days. The only people that spreading the wealth around will appeal to will be Obama’s core supporters from the ghettoes and the “voters” that Obama’s money backed ACORN thugs have registered [well, at least those who are actually alive or are actual people]. The ordinary voter in this country does not want taxes to be raised, and certainly the majority do not believe in the socialistic ideology of “spreading the wealth around.”

Joe the Plumber was also interviewed this AM on Good Morning America and he further made his position clear even when Diana Sawyer was trying to trip him up and make him appear like an oaf. When Diana Sawyer asked if folks who made one million or five million should be taxed more, Joe replied, “Why should they be taxed for being successful?"

Then Sawyer tried to make the increase sound minuscule (listen and watch for the goofy leftist giggle and look) by saying, "Well, it would only increase your tax, Joe, by three present, from thirty-six percent to thirty-nine percent," and, Joe, with his common sense reply, asked why that much and then asked, "What if $250 K isn’t enough and suddenly, in the future, Obama decides that, ok, $150K is too much, where does it stop?" He wanted to know, and so should you, and rightly so.

You can read and hear the complete interview here and read how the LSM is already trying to make Joe look like just another deadbeat who doesn’t want to pay his share. Just more proof of how the LSM will do anything and print anything to take away from the shortcomings of their messiah, Barack Obama.

The Obamazombies and the LSM who are already in the tank with Obama know that this is the very ad and the very one point in all the interviews and such where Obama has been so slick and avoided the questions that he finally got caught, and the truth about just how radical his ideas are will come back to haunt him between now and election day.

The people of this country are not as dumb as the leftists want to believe. Obama finally talked the slick off of slick in his interview with Joe the Plumber. God bless Joe and all the other Joe’s and Jane's in this country who will read and hear this and say on November 4th, NOBAMA!



Faultline USA said...

Good article! Good for Joe! Here's to plumbe4r power.

Ticker said...

I'll pour a draino to that! LOL