Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Judas Kiss

Well, he sold out. Powell sold his honor, his dignity and his standing all in order to be seen as one who "can see the future". I will say. General, your crystal ball is clouded if you see the future in Obama. You have lost sight of what it is to be a noble, worthy , honorable man. You have sold out the country that you defended for many years because it is certain that Obama does not hold this country in the same respect and light that you once held it. General , You sold out! That is as simple as I can make it. You have betrayed all that with a "Judas Kiss".

You once claimed to be a conservative but yet you use as part of your excuse that McCain would appoint two conservative judges to the SC. General, I thought that is what conservatives did... appoint conservative individuals who can interpret the Constitution for what it is and not as a "living document" made to change as the wind blows and times change. Our forefathers did not intend for this document to become a set of "well maybes" or a set of laws to be used it it suited ones agenda but as a set of laws that would govern for all time. They were written to protect the people from the government, not the government from the people as the progressives that you have come to support believe, General. Your claim to be a conservative General has been or is a lie. One can not be a conservative and support , murder, genocide or what ever other label one wishes to use to describe abortion but yet you do. No General your views are not conservative but too far to the left of those who claim to be conservative. You claim the GOP has moved too far to the right and use the abortion issue as your only basis for that claim. General the GOP has become more centrist in the last 12 years than at any other time in the history of the party. No General don’t attempt to use the excuse the Party left me, you left the party General and your claim to be a Republican is empty, as empty as the empty suit that you have chosen to support. You claim that Obama has displayed a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge and an approach to looking at problems like this. ..." meaning the economy. You are wrong except in one point General and I will agree that he has intellectual curiosity about things but that does not make one steady, or knowledgeable about the subject. Obama has changed his stand on the economy as often as he changes his mind on foreign affairs and has done so in order to gain votes. The only thing Obama has not changed in his economy stand is that he is a socialist and wishes to “spread the wealth around”. Socialism is something you spent many years of your life attempting to defend this country from. From those who would do away with the American way of life which is working hard to earn and make something of yourself. Maybe you forgot how you got to where you were a few years ago General. A man highly respected, a man of honor, who the conservatives who you now have chosen to give the “Judas Kiss”, wanted you to be the man who represented them as their leader. You failed General in your duty to those who “brung “ you so to speak. To those who showed you that you could succeed and didn’t stand in your way but offered you a hand up, and not a hand out. You have betrayed those people General. You have sold your honor and now stand in the company of Judas’s who have sold out their country during it’s history. You no longer have the right to even call yourself a Republican for General you have shown that you are not. You have chosen the most radical individual that ever ran for the office of POTUS for no valid reason. Perhaps General you chose because he is Black and you chose to vote your race rather than your honor and ideals that you have stood for these many years. I challenge your judgment General and fear that you will regret your decision.

General, what were your thirty pieces of Silver?


Faultline USA said...

Well sad Ticker! You sentiments reflect mine exactly. The man is a turncoat!

Ticker said...

My question is, what was his thirty pieces of silver?

Position in Obama's cabinet, money or simply choosing race over honor and good judgment?

Anonymous said...

Excellent DPW. Powell is faithless worm. He proved it with this calumnious betrayal. Et tu Colin ?

Fred Gregory

Anonymous said...

Thirty pieces of silver. I wonder what Barak Husein Obama thinks of all those medals the General has won and worn for his country? Is Nigera part of the America?

GM Roper said...

I'm adding a link to your post. Well said sir, well said!

Ticker said...

TY GM. I appreciate the visit. You have been added to my favorites and I have commented on your site.

Mustang said...

I agree as well.

This is the General Powell, leader of soldiers, on behalf of whom Obama voted to cut funding while employed in a combat theater of operations.

This is the General Powell, who as Secretary of State, sent Paul Bremmer to Iraq to screw up the first year of pacification operations.

This is the General Powell who recommended a "hands off policy" with respect to Moqtada al-Sadyr.

So I am not surprised that he would endorse Barack Hussein Obama; but I am surprised that a man with his education would attempt to deny the fact that Obama is a committed socialist, and that he would pretend even for a second that Obama's associates do not matter.

Let us finally reflect on the fact that the only difference between Ayers and Tim McVey was the amount of explosives used to destroy the lives of Americans. Powell has thoroughly disgusted me.

Semper Fi

Rosemary said...

Sorry, but Powell is not a turncoat. I never wanted him to be president, because I have always known he was pro-abortion, pro-color quotas, anti-war - even when necessary, anti-conservatism, etc. No, he just came out of the closet. Can you believe he had the nerve to say that BO was teachable, but Sarah was a bad choice for VP because she has no experience? I'm not surprised he's voting for barack. He's black, ain't he?

EDGE said...

Never cared for this guy at all. Never understood why Bush bent over backwards for him to make him Sec. of State either.

Ticker said...

I appreciate all the opinions on this subject. For some it was a painful admission that someone we had admired or at least had seen in a positive light had taken a sudden turn and shown us a side that we had not seen at least perhaps not clearly.
People make choices that they will later regret and I feel that Powell will certainly see the day that he will regret this decision. Obama knows no loyalty as we have seen as he threw former friends, workers and even family under the bus. Powell will perhaps find one day that there was room for one me as he joins the rest of the mangled mass under the Obama bus.
Again thanks for dropping by and "jus'sayin" what was on your mind.

allison said...

Okay, enough with the groupthink.

If Colin Powell is playing the "race card", why do it now instead of in the past when he could have endorsed Alan Keyes or Rev. Al Sharpton?

Does this mean that Joe Lieberman is playing the race card too, since he's a white man supporting another white man?

And is voting for someone because they're "hot" any better than voting for someone based on their skin color or gender?

You've got some things to think about, kiddos.


allison said...

Also, does this mean Joe Lieberman is a turncoat, too? He DID switch parties, after all!

Do we say the same of conservative columnist Christopher Buckley, son of the great conservative intellectual William F. Buckley? And conservative radio talk-show host Michael Smerconish, who also plans on voting for Obama? And the Chicago Tribune, which has endorsed Obama, the first time EVER endorsing a Democrat (after 161 years of publication)?

allison said...

Found this at the Booman Tribune:

The only reason Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama is because he’s a racist, or, at the very least, because they’re both soul brothers. After all, even though Powell served in the administration of someone who was totally inexperienced, he had never before endorsed an inexperienced liberal.

allison said...

I suppose lifelong Republican Ken Adelman is a turncoat as well? Adelman, who campaigned for Goldwater, was hired by Rumsfeld at the Office of Economic Opportunity under Nixon, was assistant to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld under Ford, served as Reagan’s director of arms control, and joined the Defense Policy Board for Rumsfeld’s second go-round at the Pentagon in 2001, is endorsing Obama.

Now Ken Adelman playing the race card or not, since he's a white man?

Stormy said...


Joe Lieberman isn't a turncoat. His party backed someone against him in his primary, and he had to run for re-election as an Independent. So, Lieberman doesn't hold his office as a Democrat, but an Independent. He didn't leave his party, his party threw him out. He is free as an Independent to back anyone he chooses. And, truth be told, Joe Lieberman is a traditional JFK Democrat. Socially liberal and a hawk on defense. The Democrat Party has changed significantly over recent years.

Colin Powell left his party. Looking at his record, he might have been a Republican, but he was never a conservative. I do not think that he endorsed Obama because of race. He could have done that months ago,if that was the reason. Colin Powell is a Washington Beltway creature. He's been there for many years. I think that Powell and Obama negotiated a deal. Obama got a good and timely endorsement, and Powell got a good role in Obama's administration. It was a mutually-rewarding deal, pure and simple. Powell jumped on the bandwagon when he thought that it was clearly a winner.

Ticker said...

Allison, the general endorsed Obama for his 30 Pieces of Silver, i.e. a position in Obama's WH, if he actually gets elected.

The general has been friends with John McCain since before Obama was even born and it is well known that John McCAin is no conservative so to use that excuse for Powell leaving is no argument at all. When you turn you back on your friends after many years it causes many to question your character as well as your motives which I certainly did and do. If you want to be real technical the General actually played the race card months ago when he made the statement about having an African American as POTUS. Making that statement does not constitute racism but then turning your back on those who got you to where you are and your friends of many many years , yea, it might just not exactly pass the smell test.
As for the remainder of you examples they really don't have any bearing on anything other than your last one and no he is not playing the race card he is playing the turncoat to put it nicely since he too will probably be rewarded with his 30 Pieces of Silver. Wait and see.
Thank you for bringing your side to the question Allison.

allison said...

"it is well known that John McCAin is no conservative"

Oh, give me a break. That is complete bull. The John McCain of 2000 was quite moderate, but he's become so extreme in order to pander to the religious right that it's impossible to know WHERE he stands.

His scare quotes around "health" of the mother as far as late term abortion is such an extreme position, even most people who consider themselves pro-life understand that if a woman's life is in jeopardy, abortion is permissible. That quote indicates McCain doesn't think so. So to say he's obviously "no conservative" is an outright lie.

allison said...

And re: endorsing someone who might give him a cabinet position, isn't this politics as usual? If we choose to believe that Colin Powell "only" endorsed Obama for the hope that he might join his cabinet, don't most politicians do this? Why is it somehow SHOCKING when done by a black man?

Ticker said...

It looks as if Allison bases her definition of a conservative on only one item and that being abortion. Of course one who favors unlimited abortion would do such. Do you favor unlimited abortion Allison?

As for the endorsement argument it lacks any real point.It would matter not if Obama were white or black the fact that Powell endorsed someone who is diametrically opposite of his views on war and the military is basically my point. However there is much in Obama that reminds one of Powell. Powell always did what was best for Powell and looks as if he continues to do so even today. Obama has a similar track record, Obama first and to hell with the rest. Powell has played the game well in his career and will continue to do so as long as it pays well. You evidently lack a great deal of knowledge on the General. Unlike others I have followed his career from VietNam days forward. I knew him before he became a LtCol and was well aware of his ambitions and his willingness to do what it took to get there. Along the line however it does appear, and facts do show, that the General forgot "those who brung him". Like the young girls who are out to capture the best, they go to the dance with one and leave with who ever offers more. The General has done the same thing. We called those girls "whores". The same could apply to the actions of Powell.
Now do some more research Allison before coming into my house and calling me a liar. If you have no facts to back up your BS as it is fast becoming Allison the you may leave the party. So far you have offered nothing other than McCain's stand on abortion and in that you attempted to twist his actual stand on "health of the mother" to suit your own agenda. McCain's referring to "health" was that too often "health" according to those who support abortion can be anything other than just "Physical health."
Allison, you are not good enough to attempt that game in this house. I enjoy letting folks who want to play your game play out their line and then I cut it and leave them with nothing but the pole . If you aren't a fishing person you won't understand, if you are, then take me serious.
Now when you can offer real facts come on back. If you can't , say goodbye.

Ticker said...

Good to see my old friend Stormy again. It has indeed been awhile. Welcome to Jus'sayin. Thanks even to Allison who came by to spin her view and show a lack of knowledge on the subject but then her visit was appreciated as well. Allison, you are welcome to return anytime. The regulars, I thank you again for dropping by. Don't be such strangers. I'll be posting a new blog on Thursday, Lord willing. Come on in and chat a spell.