Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Look at the SOTU

Mark Alexander at the Patriot Post has his own summation of Obama’s State of the Union Message.

Here is the abbreviated version of the SOTU: "I want ... I believe ... I've seen ... I've heard ... I said ... I will be ... I'm asking ... I don't know ... I challenge ... I urge ... I set ... I know ... I'm proposing ... I ask ... I took ... I made ... I would ... I intend ... I've ordered ... I will not ... I've heard ... I am eager ... I'm not ... I'm not ... I'm not ... I am ... I've proposed ... I care ... I recognize ... I'm willing ... I've proposed ... I created ... I don't agree ... I am prepared ... I hear ... I will submit ... I ask ... I will veto ... I will travel ... I call on all ... I know ... I stand..."

Finally, Obama proclaimed, "It makes no sense."

This was the only thing Obama said that actually made sense.

And I totally agree! Any other opinions?

You can read the complete and I must say a very good summation of the SOTU here


Ducky's here said...

Yeah, that can be condensed from any SOTU. Hardly matters.

Chuck said...

I'm tired of hearing him say I. He never seems to talk about we.

Debbie said...

From the very beginning, it was all about him, remember some who counted the "I" in each of his campaign speeches. There was so much wrong about his SOTU speech it would take days to write it all.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Duck as usual you missed the point. But then you are probably as narcissistic as he is.

Chuck that was the point of the "summation". It is always about him, not WE the People, Just ME the President.

Debbie, you got it as well. The "I" pattern has always been there.

Looks as if Duck is the only one who didn't "get it".

LASunsett said...

//Duck as usual you missed the point. But then you are probably as narcissistic as he is.//


Meanwhile, here are some translations from the speech:

Invest = Spend

We are poised for progress = We are ready to invest more.

Thanks to the tax cuts we passed = Thanks to the tax cuts we extended that Bush helped pass, but I cannot credit him because I will be running for re-election soon.

That world has changed = The world is out of control and we do not have the first clue as to how we should handle it.

We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world = I am running for re-election soon and must be seen as a centrist and this is my Reagan-sounding moment.

You get the idea.........

Ticker said...

LA, I was trying to be nice to duckie in saying probably.

It appears you heard or read the same speech that I did.

Z said...

Read Beamish's overview of the won't be sorry. He's incredible.

Ducky, yes, it does matter....other presidents haven't used "I" nearly as much, and no other First Ladies have EVER welcomed tourists with "This is MY House, where I LIVE, welcome"...NEVER EVER. (the media didn't reveal that).
Yes, to conservatives, we revere the HOuse, know it belongs to America, and we know the PResident has clout but most of them are humble enough to stop with the "I". I'm sorry you think integrity and character 'hardly matter' but not surprised.

LASunsett said...

//LA, I was trying to be nice to duckie in saying probably. //

As noble as that is, I think it's more fun to slap him around. He sets himself up for it, it's a shame to let it go to waste. I think he expects it. Why else would he subject to reality based blogs that express rational thoughts and opinions?