Sunday, January 30, 2011

"In dreams"

 Roy Orbison wrote this song in 1963. It is the story of one young mans "Dreams" and his awakeing.  Through Orbison's voice one can feel the emotion that the young man is expressing even if you were not able to understand the words.
My Friend GM has written a beautiful poem about another young mans dream and his awakening. Without the music one can feel the emotion build just as in "Dreams".

Listen to Roy's song and make comments if you wish and then go to
 GM's Place and read a beautiful piece of work as well as seeing the pictures of the "dream".


GM Roper said...

Thank you for the kind words Ticker, And Roy Orbison has always, ALWAYS been one of my favorites. I'm honored that you would link my poem and this great song.

Debbie said...

I love Roy Orbison's songs. I'm such a big fan, he has a unique voice I believe and as you say there is so much emotion in the way he sings.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

He had a very distinct gift Debbie and used it well. A shame that he died so soon.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Roy Orbison was one of the greats. I loved Only the Lonely. I loved everything he did. I'm not as familiar with In Dreams, but it is beautiful, and he is not only singing the words, he is feeling them.

Sam Huntington said...

An excellent performer; he died too soon.

Ticker said...

Thank all of you for your comments. This has been a different style for me and a fun one. Look for more musical "dedication" types of weekends to come.
I love digging into the "dusty , rusty record shelf " and pulling out those "golden oldies, pick hits from the past for all to enjoy. It brings back memories of DJ days. Long ago memories hahha.