Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Say Can You See?

               Oh Say Can You See By The Dawns Early Light

As we come into a new year I am sure that we all understand that there is much work to be done to preserve and restore our country.

After all that has happened we should be able to appreciate how Francis Scott Key must have felt as he watched and then penned the words to what would become our National Anthem. Indeed we have endured the attack on our nation but as the song says, Our flag is still there. Our country still stands, battered and torn but she still stands. Now it's time to get to work with even more determination.

It would appear that we have found our voice once again as evidenced by the 2010 elections but we must not celebrate too early.  At this point there is no real leadership within the Republican Party or frankly within the Tea Party. 

It is time for leadership to step up and in fact they should have already stood up and started banging the Left for the debacle of the Lame Duck Congress. 

The Left used this time as an opportunity to cram through some of the most radical and worst of Obama's agenda with barely a squeak from the leadership of the Right. Oh , there was a little noise, some tears and snot slinging by the new leader of the House but for the most part it was quite-- to quite folks. There should have been fireworks going off that would have sounded like the roar of cannons.

Waiting until January to begin was what the Left was hoping would happen. The parts of the radical legislation that they could not cram through, such as Crap and Tax, has been handed off to the EPA and other agencies with only threats and promises made by the leadership of the Right to stop it in January, as soon as they are seated.

Once the regulations are in place it's too late, the damage will have already been done.

So don't begin the celebration just yet my friends, there's still much work to do and if we do not insist that those we elected in November of 2010 do their job then we will deserve the mess we get dropped on us by the Left.

 So as not to sound too dour, we can allow ourselves a bit of celebration in the fact that many of those who needed to be removed from the Left and the Right are now packing their bags for early retirement.

We can celebrate perhaps that a number of those on the Left are abandoning the Leftist ship but neither of these events guarantee the Right a shoo in victory in 2012. Only "We The People" can do that.

Let's get to work by telling our friends and family that our flag still waves and will continue to do so only if we end the bombardment of Marxism from the Left.


LASunsett said...

//At this point there is no real leadership within the Republican Party or frankly within the Tea Party. //

There are people capable of leading, if only they will. They must be the voices for those of us who have spoken with our ballots last year. I fear if one person becomes the main spokesperson we lose our diverse identity in the grand scheme of things.

I also do not want to see the TEA Party become a political party in any way. I think we are better served with a spontaneous movement that is driven by the people, who have become sick of the elitist control over the electorate.

As we witnessed in this last election, we CAN make our voices heard. It must continue, or the movement will be absorbed into the system and become another tool of the GOP elite.

To fight the forces that destroy our country, we must also fight the forces that compromise with them.

Brenda Bowers said...

I have been listening to the newly elected as well as some of the current Republicans on TV today and have some hope for the future. Rep. Issa has plans that seem sane. He isn't going to look over what I call the silly issues of "ethics" that tie up so much time unless it is something that actually harms the people. He plans instead to concentrate on regulations and actions that actually harmed or went against the Constitution. Others are going after regulations that have been usurp by Obama and crew like the FCC and the Internet.
Yes, I have some hope for the new House. At any rate it will be interesting to watch what they do. BB

Chuck said...

I think you said it with this

but we must not celebrate too early.

They haven't done anything but win an election yet.

Ticker said...

LA, I agree the Tea Party must not become a "party" or it will become just like the others. Capable of leading and doing it is my point, so far, nada!

BB, I've heard a lot of posturing and spouting about doing something but they have yet to say much of anything else.

Unfortunately my thoughts have not changed and won't until I see some action.
In other words, Don't tell me what your are going to do, DO IT!.

Chuck, Exactly!

Debbie said...

You are absolutely correct that we have been under attack. I notice that the new politicians in Washington are planning to get right to work repealing/defunding Obamacare. This is a good step in the right direction.

May our flag proudly wave forever and continue to represent all that our founding fathers intended.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Debbie lets hope the NEW can actually do something. They still have the "OLD" GOP bunch to contend with and from what I have seen they have failed miserably to nail Obama when they had him on the ropes. Can one say "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?"

This man sums it up pretty well.

Always On Watch said...

It's a long, long way to 2012.

Frankly, I don't yet see a viable GOP candidate for 2012. Furthermore, so many in the GOP are RINOs, a contributing group to the mess we're into now.