Sunday, January 16, 2011


In light of recent events in our country I think it an appropriate time to start a new series on the end of the Old America and the beginning of the New America.
I am not sure that all will like this New America but it has been foisted upon us slowly and surely over the last seventy plus years.

In June 2007, The President of these United States,  Barack Hussein Obama
, said, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation — at least, not just.  We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.” In 2009, he says we “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation” at all.  So according to this President  we have gone from not “just” a Christian Nation to “we no longer consider ourselves a Christian nation” at all.

Welcome to the New America.

The U.S. Supreme Court meant when, in Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 437 (1892), they held that “this is a Christian nation.” They meant that this nation was founded on biblical principles, and that those who brought these biblical principles to this land and who implemented those principles in our system of government were for the most part professing Christians who were actively involved with Christian churches. For the most part the Founding Fathers belonged to some Christian Church.

American has always been considered a Christian nation, not that all Americans are or ever were Christians. But the vein of biblical based thought has run throughout our country since it’s birth.  For over 150 years, the tenets of Christian belief and behavior have been mingled in our society, our government, our educational system, our worldview, and our culture. All reflected the teachings of God’s Holy Word.

The Old America has quietly disappeared. In the New America, Christian values and morals are no longer acdepted or taught. Evil is called good, right is called wrong. “What is” determines what ought to be. Situational ethics supercede the unchanging absolutes found in the Scriptures, the very scriptures that our Founders believed in.

In  the New America.  Truth has fallen in the street, and justice lies by her side.  Your thoughts!

Next: How has this happened.

In the upcoming parts of this series I will be including some excerpts from the book, THE FALLEN EAGLE, by Thomas G. Reed.  For those of you who read the series on Capitalism in America you can now read the opinions expressed by Mr. Reed on the subject of The Fall of Christianity in America.
 Some of you asked for more of Mr. Reed’s opinions and specifically his thoughts on this new subject.
 I hope that you will enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed putting together this series.


Always On Watch said...

I also note that in the new America, patriotism is not an esteemed value.

The push for the one-world new world order is on even stronger than ever before.

Ducky's here said...

De Toqueville was way ahead of any of these guys chronicling the efforts of early American religion (i.e.Evangelicals) to coerce and control the state without any formal political apparatus.

Now that the apparatus is overt you really shouldn't be surprised that people are pushing back.

Debbie said...

Excellent article in spite of the sad truth in it. I think the US has been on this gradual slide for some time, but Obama seemed to push her off the cliff. Maybe I'm giving him too much blame. The Left and atheists have been trying to destroy Christianity for a long time. As one report stated, Christianity is the most attacked religion around the world. I would have thought the Jewish religion would have been number one.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

"Now that the apparatus is overt you really shouldn't be surprised that people are pushing back."

Duck, Just who are the people you speak of who are pushing back?

I am sure the readers will be interested to know your views what you view as to the "apparatus", of who they are and why.

Ticker said...

Debbie to read the LSM it is the Muslim religion that is the most attacked but then of course they only report their one sided view.

Ducky's here said...

Well Ticker, let's start with atheists and homosexuals. They aren't going to stand for it.

You are constantly being challenged and Evangelicals will be contained primarily because their doctrine of Calvinist exceptionalism is repugnant to a large segment of the population which wants no part of Southern culture.

Meanwhile they are useful tools of state capitalism and we circle the drain.

Ticker said...

"You are constantly being challenged and Evangelicals will be contained primarily because their doctrine of Calvinist exceptionalism is repugnant to a large segment of the population which wants no part of Southern culture."

Wow Ducky, I didn't know that exceptionalism of America was repugnant to anyone other than the left and certainly am shocked to know that thinking America is exceptional is a Southern thing, but you we are proud that America is exceptional.based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, populism and laissez-faire. This observation can be traced your own example, Alexis de Tocqueville, the first writer to describe the United States as "exceptional.

Duck you really do need to get out more and travel more. I suggest starting at your point in the north and going directly West and asking people that you meet if the believe America is an exceptional country.You might just be in for a surprise.

Oh and Duck exceptionalism is not an independent "doctrine of Calvinism since it was expressed often by those who were the Founding Fathers of this country who were for the most part not Calvinist.

I for one am glad for this belief of exceptionalism for it has prevented you and your fellow travelers from creating a Communist revolution.

Ducky's here said...

Ticker, I've lived in Saudi Arabia, Poland and Austria for periods. I've been to Austrlia and New Zealand twice, South Africa, China, Britain(4),Hungary,Czech Republic,East Germany and Chile.

I've been around and you sir probably haven't read deToqueville's analysis of the way religion injected itself into the American body politic.

Never been to Paris, though. Got to fix that. I need to see the Louvre and take in a film at the Cinematheque.

Ducky's here said...

... oh, I've been to Florence and the Uffizi a couple times.

Ducky's here said...

Speaking about getting out more, Tocker, just what did de Toqueville discover about American democracy?

A primary reason was a distribution of property which was more equitable than Europe's. Imagine that.

No the discrepancy in wealth has been expanding significantly since Saint Ronnie Raygun started the ball in motion (and Clinton and Obama thoroughly embrace supply side). So if you are going to invoke de Toqueville you should at least have some understanding of his writings before you start the "get out more".

Always On Watch said...

Calvinism = Southern culture?


Calvinism did have quite a hold -- in New England.

Baptist theology, often associated with the South, places more emphasis on free will than does Calvinism. By a long shot.

As for exceptionalism, Islam takes the prize on that.

Ticker said...

"A primary reason was a distribution of property which was more equitable than Europe's. Imagine that."

Alexis de Toqueville's original arguments said that America remains particularly attractive to immigrants because of its perceived economic and political opportunities. That is equal distribution of property Duck, The OPPORTUNITY, not the taking from producers and giving to non-producers.
He also stressed the advanced nature of democracy in America, arguing that it infused every aspect of society and culture, at a time when democracy was not in fashion anywhere else.

Nice try on the twist of words DUCKY but they don't fly. However I find this typical of your usual non-factual arguments that you always seem to put forth trying to impress us with your preceived knowledge. Fortunately Duck there are those of us who, despite your doubts, are probably much better educated than you and certainly more well rounded in our education endeavors than you. All of that is beside the point since from the beginning you have failed to fully answer the question but rather fell back on your usual verbosity and mental masterbation which down here in the South in proper company we call it Barnyard Bovine Excrement but to make it easily understood for someone not accustom to our gentility I'll make it simple. It's BS, Ducky.
As far as travel Duck, it seems that you have traveled a small area of the world when compared to mine but that is beside the point as well.

The original question Duck was: Who are those pushing back? You answered:Let's start with atheists and homosexuals and then began your insults, again which is usual but I allow it to a point here in the House of Ticker.
The next part of the question was what you view as to the "apparatus", of who they are and why? Again more insults and a take off on Toqueville and some spiel about my never having read his works etc. Again typical smoke screen or BS as I stated before.

Now do you wish to answer the questions as my Headline reads: A place to gather and civilly (politely, courteously) discuss current events, happenings, or just fun things to laugh about. You have the right to your own opinion, but remember ... so does everyone else. Those with nothing to add to the conversation will not be warmly welcomed.

So far Duck, you have added nothing to the conversation other than the half way reply to the question and an attempt to impress us with your travels and a line of BS about expanding the wealth which has zero to do with the current topic, A Christian nation and it's decline.

Now Duck you can choose to stay on subject, politely, without your insults or leave. It's real simple Duck and the choice is yours.

Ticker said...

For the rest of the readers. Excuse the lengthy explanation of how things work here in Ticker's House to the Duck. Since he is a first time visitor here I felt he needed an explanation of the rules of conduct on what is acceptable and what is not.

Thank you for your patience.

Ducky's here said...

Ticker, if you've been paying attention, the social mobility that existed in the late 40's and 50's has been slowly diminished.

We have developed a much more rigid class structure and de Toqueville would certainly say that is too our disadvantage.

Imagine,we were the last economy standing after the and and we blew it in the space of 30 years.

Ticker said...

Duck I disagree on the rigid class structure. Class structure of the 19th century was even more structured than it is today. We have more of fluid structure today than ever. The numbers moving from bottom to top have never been greater than in the last century.
As a product of the 40's I certainly have seen a greater upward mobility than those of my grandparents generation. My parents generation were aided along by the war time economy.
I will agree that we may not see the continuing rise in mobility of class structure in the next generation for a number of reasons. many of which are laid out in these articles.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Ticker, I certainly agree that "justice" is lying in the street, just as the leaders of the New America planned.

We have no justice in this country unless it comes to us through local channels.

God help us if we need the protection of our government. (oops, He's been banned and certainly has no place in the new civil discourse).

Ticker said...

Yes, Maggie God has been banned and there is there is the root to the problems we face in America today.