Monday, January 17, 2011


How has this happened.

In  the New America.  Truth has fallen in the street, and justice lies by her side.

Thomas Reed, in his book , The Fallen Eagle, list several reasons as to how this has happened.

He states in this New America that:

“Deception is on steroids.  An apathetic self, lacking love, has become our god. The good are despised and maligned. The bad are often worshiped as heroes. Sin is accepted as everyday behavior. Blame is laid at the feet of society or poverty or discrimination.”  

His points should be well taken for certainly we have seen these exact things occurring not just in past times but daily especially the point of “the bad are often worshiped as heroes”. How often in recent days have law breakers been upheld as “heroes”?

Army Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the individual who stole and passed confidential material has now become a byword for anti-establishment heroism.

Julian Assange, the founder of,  is now being rewarded with a multimillion dollar book deal when in fact he would have been immediately thrown under the jail in days not to long past. But all that has changed, the bad are now heroes and rewarded well.  But yet he is acclaimed a hero.

Football player, Michael Vick, convicted of killing dogs in the horrific “sport” of dog fighting is hailed a hero, given a huge contract to return to professional football, is given a pass by the NFL, is given a hand of support by the President of these United States himself.  I have a tough time believing that his little tiny prison sentence made him realize the error of his ways, as he is claiming.    I do not have a tough time believing that he felt some regret, but only regret that he got caught.  Because if he hadn't gotten caught... you'd better believe that he'd still be fighting dogs, and yes, killing dogs.  And he wouldn't be feeling any remorse for it.  But he is acclaimed a hero.

Next, Mr. Reed writes:
 “Prosperity has spoiled us. We have borrowed recklessly with little or no concern for the future just to maintain a lifestyle we cannot afford. We are proud. We have plenty. We are lovers of pleasure compounded(entertainment non-stop).”

We mass murder millions of innocent babies, then import (illegally and legally) foreign workers, especially from our southern neighbors, to do our menial jobs that we are too lazy or too burdened with debt to do. ...Biblical Christians in the (N)new America are hated, scoffed at , and portrayed as idiots.” (Comments in the previous post by one poster certainly points to the validity of the statement)

In the (N)new America, taking responsibility for one’s own success has faded as individual and group rights have risen; not only have he risen but they ride roughshod over the freedoms of those unable or unwilling to claim special rights.

The (N)new America has (for the most part) turned her back on God and seems destined to continue to do so because our institutional infrastructures are powerful, pervasive , and godless. For this ethically challenged generation, traditional Judeo-Christian values have long since vanished for the public square, just like God’s Word.”

Our enemies blackmail us with oil and threats of nuclear attack. Others fly our own planes into skyscrapers killing thousands. Terrorist plots and homegrown cells put us under siege. Our borders are porous, hardly a barrier to determined “American haters who threaten our annihilation.”

Any other thoughts, ideas or opinions?

Why, in such a short time , have basic Christian truths lost their influence over our once godly nation?  Why do we as a people bear so little resemblance to the brave souls who birthed us? Why has American been reduced to a second-rate nation, seemingly defenseless against a raging torrent of socialist insurgents, incurable diseases, and international terrorism? What happened to old America?

What happened to Old America? That discussion next time in Part III of Welcome to the New America


Ducky's here said...

Property has spoiled us? Indeed, we've been the victims of comfort for a while now.

Now that it's time to pay there will be pain. I doubt we'll learn and it will just be a chance for some to scoop up depreciated assets. They don't loose in this game and the right licks their boots.

Ticker said...

Who doesn't lose(not loose) and whose boots does the right lick Ducky?

Ducky at least get the quote correct. It is “Prosperity has spoiled us, not property. And you claim to be so well edjumakated above us "dumb southern folk"? At least we can read and comprehend.

Stick around Duck and see just who has brought this "pain" as you say upon us. I believe you will find a hint about three quotes down. You should love Tuesday's PM post.

Chuck said...

Great post Ticker, not much to add.

I think we have someone like Obama/Carter come along every 30 years or so because people forget just how damaging far-left governance can be to a country, fiscally and on national security.

Always On Watch said...

An apathetic self, lacking love, has become our god.

Apathetic except when it comes to "looking out for number one."

Venerating anti-heroes is dangerous when that veneration continues beyond adolescence.

In my view, many Americas today are stuck in a kind of adolescence, with all the negative qualities of adolescence continuing well into adulthood and into middle age and beyond. A few of those negative qualities:

1. Lack of holding oneself accountable.

2. Selfishness to the point of disregarding others

3. Lack of inhibition

4. Gullibility

Ticker said...

AOW sounds as if you have read Thomas' book. He says much the same thing and I agree.

Chuck it does appear that reminders are necessary but it also appears that most are not listening.

Debbie said...

As Reed and you both point out, this making heroes of bad guys isn't a new thing. An enemy of the constitution and freedom is always a hero of the Left.

Vick is a very sore spot with me. I won't go into a rant on him, but I cannot stand the man, cannot stand how the commentators and fans treat him and look over what he did.

Sorry it took me so long to get here, I was away from the computer all yesterday evening and this morning until just now.

Accountability doesn't seem to be important any more to many.

Just look at Obama's heros, members of the terrorist group. Also the presidential candidate in Kenya, Odinga, who Obama actively supported. Shameful


Always On Watch said...

I haven't read the book.

I HAVE lived and observed, though.

Ticker said...

AOW , haven't we both. You'd like Thomas' book.

Debbie , I am with you on Vick as well as Obama's choice of "friends", like Ayers and such.

GM Roper said...

Ticker, your three choices, Bradley, Assange (an Aussie by the way) and Vick, are three true villains. I don't know about Assange (though I would guess that his being so anti-American is merely penis-envy on his part, but the other two were raised in this country.

Our "moral withdrawal" and ethical lapses have largely started when the ability have prayer as part of the opening (and closing) of everything from the beginning of the school day, to the opening of a game with a fierce rival.

Our job as parents (and as teachers) is to civilize our kids. In a large measure, we have failed our kids. After all, look at Duck's responses to rational discourse.

LASunsett said...


It's an upside down world right now. There are days when it is truly a struggle to stay above the fray that has become our culture of corruption. Many better people than me are finding it hard to stay the course, as well.

One day at a time. The law of averages says that at some point, we will catch a break here and there.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Just my opinion: basic Christian truth has lost it's influence over our country because so many Christians are far-left in their beliefs. When the National Council of Churches visits Bashar Assad, and sides with the Palestinian position that Jews must be driven into the sea or leave the land, and there will be no peace until that time, God's word is exchanged for the pandering pastor and his leftist congregation.

Illegal immigrants are heroes. They and their Leftist supporters trample truth in the streets every hour in every day.

But apart from the question about Christianity, look how Eric Holder just mows down justice and we hear nothing except from the blogs.

We have a president who ignores our courts. As we keep saying, it is Kafka-esque.

This is a wonderful series, Ticker, and the quotes from Mr. Reed are excellent and thought provoking.
I'm looking forward to moving to Part III.