Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Parody on Obama's Tucson Speech

I am certain that some will take offense to this post but that’s ok. I don’t mind offending you at all. After all if you are offended then you evidently support the use of such words that the individual elected to the highest office in the land used but decry such if anyone on the Right uses words, which you consider inflammatory. So if you do not consider the words highlight and used by your elected leader to be inflammatory then I am glad that I offend you because you see, you offend me with your hypocrisy.  

 If Barack Hussein Obama could use his “fighting words” in his speech in Arizona and say what he really would like to say, I believe it would go something like this:

My fellow liberals uh, citizens, Uh, Uh.  We gather here today to make a show that we are on the right track after eight years of the mess I inherited. It is because of this mess that we had the mess in Arizona the other day where hundreds of people  were shot and killed by an individual so engrained with the vitriol of the rightwing people like Rush Limbaugh,   uh, you know we really do need to enact the bill that will remove him from the airwaves and uh, “It’s time to fight for it!” uh, uh .... that he acted in a typical manner of those he is so enamored with.  You know the rest of the names such as Palin, Hannity, O’Reilly so I don’t really need to go into all that, uh since, uh you know,uh, they are all part of the ,uh, mess I inherited.

We all know that the Congresswoman was shot because she supported my Health Care bill. (Note: no mention that she opposed his immigration ideas of Amnesty) and the shooter was against it as is the Right which he is so representative of.

Now I am here to tell you that the Right’s vitriol must end, uh but I , uh,  “I don’t want to quell anger, I think people are right to be angry, I’m angry!” and it’s time to “Get in Their Faces!”.

These people who oppose me, and you know  who you are and I know who they are because “We talk to these folks....  Uh,  So I know whose ass to kick”   and I say  it’s time to “Punish your enemies,” before they can take advantage of having a majority in Congress where they hope to kill my socialist agenda, uh, progressive uh, agenda, uh the one that uh, will let me pull the bus, uh, the one that , uh where people who oppose my agenda need to be sitting and keeping quite, and get us out of the mess I inherited, uh , the same mess that got us into the mess we are in today, uh and created the crises we face in Arizona.

 I , uh, will , uh, not stand by and allow this good crisis go to waste I will create new legislation to silence these radical Rightwingers. The FCC is working feverishly as I speak to do that exact thing. I have ordered them to spare no resources, uh, nor uh, money(which we don't have but that's ok, we can print some more) in this endeavor.

 I have ordered the EPA to enact laws that will force those who oppose me to either go with the “Change” I promised or leave and uh, of course, leaving would be my dream so that only my friends who I supported in the Dream Act will be left in this state.  That will of course uh, mean, uh that the Right can no longer oppose my actions in this state.

Now, if the Right had not incited this incident I could be playing golf today instead of standing here talking about some people getting hurt along with my dear friend, uh, uh, Congresswoman, uh, uh my friend you know. (Teleprompter malfunction )

I leave you now with these words:  “I’m itching for a fight.” after all they are “...  just Words”, nothing inflammatory about them.

So until another crisis comes along, I’m off... there are lots of golf courses around here and I may be able get in a round before dark.

(as he leaves the podium ...  Michelle go shopping after all the taxpayers are footing the bill for this trip.... Ain’t it great! )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. It was LOL funny

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Glad you enjoyed it Fred. A good laugh never hurt anyone.

Debbie said...

You simply used his own words. It is sick that the Left wants to use this tragedy for a potential political gain.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Yep, but the left is screaming, in emails of course since they do't have the balls to come on my blog and do it.

Ticker said...

Examples: davespicer:

And you're claiming those are equivalent to talk about "Second Amendment remedies" and talk of blood?

Oh, and what context were they said in?

Right, we wouldn't want to suggest saying things like "The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots" leads to violence.

Even Sarah Palin hates violence. She tweeted that yesterday while shooting wolves from a plane.

Please be nice to Ticker. He has a serious medical condition and can't be held responsible for his words due to some of the medications he has take and treatments he has to endure. Show some compassion.

And those are but a few. One death threat but he will not be making any more of those. Good friend of mine and Deputy Sheriff in that locale paid him a little visit. won't be hearing anymore from that jackass unless he has a death wish or like pain, lots of pain. LOL.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Ha, ticker, you reminded us of Obama's "...just words." Sounds just like Jared Loughner's videos, and his question to Giffords which was something like:

‘What is government if words have no meaning?’”

Great parody using the man's own words. There will come a day when they haunt him. Today he's too arrogant to be haunted.

Chuck said...

Sounds about right to me

Ticker said...

Yes Maggie, I did make the connection in my mind on the similar usage of of "Words". Could it be that there is a correlation of such usage in the leftist mind?
And yes , they will come back and bite him in the butt.