Friday, January 7, 2011

She Said, He Said

Add your own captions :

My first thoughts were... from Pelosi:  Oh Goody, I made him cry!
And from Boehner:  Will She Ever Shut Up?


GM Roper said...

She said: John and I are announcing our engagement!

He said: I've died and gone to hell!

Anonymous said...

She said: I'll get you my pretties!

He said: If she only had a brain!


Ticker said...

LOVIN EM. Keep em coming!

Chuck said...

He realized she was more masculine than him.

Ticker said...

Could be Chuck, LOL

Debbie said...

GM and Anonymous both have good captions.

I'm not good coming up with captions, but Boehner needs to stop all this crying and blubbering. It makes him look weak and silly. We need a tough leader in the House.

Boehner: "Oh, I finally after all these years, finally got the job. They like me, they really like me."

Pelosi: "Blubbering fool, I'll have your job back in 2 years.."

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