Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why, in such a short time , have basic Christian truths lost their influence over our once godly nation?  Why do we as a people bear so little resemblance to the brave souls who birthed us? Why has American been reduced to a second-rate nation, seemingly defenseless against a raging torrent of socialist insurgents, incurable diseases, and international terrorism? What happened to old America?

What happened to Old America?

In the search for answers to the question of What happened to the Old America it is evident that one must take into consideration of  the Who created the atmosphere for the decline  as well as the What.

Thomas Reed, author of  The Fallen Eagle  takes the position that humanism is the force behind  the destruction of the Judeo-Christian infrastructure, a position with which I agree.  Humanism or a term more familiar perhaps, the New Age Movement as it is often called, has dumped the deadly germs into mainstream American political, educational, economic and religious thought.  Through the infections and infectious outbreaks have sprung environmentalist who now worship the environment rather than the Creator of the environment, globalist, socialist, feminist, who degrade and destroy any form of masculinity in the male gender while taking on the identity which they so decry. Groups claiming civil rights but yet trampling on others civil rights in order to advance their own agenda, such as gay rights, abortion rights, children rights, liberalism, the green movement, progressivism , the peace movement etc.---yet under any other guise they are humanist wrapping them selves in cloaks of deceit and they have infected the very lifeblood of this country’s existence.

Humanism is a term which certainly is interchangeable with Liberalism or Progressivism or as is also often used, Leftism.
In Leftism, or humanism, progressivism or what ever term you wish to use, there are no sacred texts.  The demotion of the sacred in general and of the sacred texts is at the center of their thinking. For one to say that the Bible is sacred then one has to revere it more than they revere their own feelings in accessing what is right and wrong. But for the Lefist, humanist, progressives, what is right and wrong is determined by the individual’s feelings . This is the major reason why the Left, since Karl Marx, has been so opposed to Judeo-Christian teachings.  For in the mind of the Humanist there are no standards outside of man, no absolutes to regulate his behavior, no right , no wrong, man alone is responsible for his actions and answerable to no one. He can love himself and find wholeness by being himself. All he needs is education and training to realize his most selfish fantasies and to actualize his unlimited human potential and intellectual awareness.

“Humanism has infiltrated every aspect of our society from the halls of academia, the entertainment industry, the informational media,  to the political process.  They now virtually control America’s corporate business developments, her education process, her press, her government, her entertainment business and most of  organized religion. As a result , humanism is legalized by her courts, legislated by her Congress, idolized by her schools and sanctified by her churches. ...They control the preponderance of American behavior. We are definitely a changed people from even a few decades ago. Sure, old America survives, but the old America is gone.”  

Quotes from The Fallen Eagle

Beyond their stated objective of actualizing the self, humanist are driven by a compulsive desire to bring all nations together into a unified “world community”.

The Conclusion is next:  The One World Community, dream of the humanist, progressives, leftist.  


Mustang said...

I will only ask where were those who could have argued against unorthodox American ideals, but did not —either because they were asleep or negligent in their duty as Americans. Where were those who were in a position to stand up to Wilson, Sanger, and more recently Alinsky, Marcuse, and their spawn Davis, Jones, Ayers, and Obama? This is the cost of a silent majority, and while the majority remained silent, or dumb-struck, progressives have poisoned the minds of several generations … including the present one, and now there are scant few left to even understand your argument, much less defend American ideals.

Ticker said...

You are right Mustang. Too many were silent and others were drowned out by the leftist. I believe that the silent majority has finally found their voice but will it be too little too late. I pray not.

Ducky's here said...

When I was a youngster my dad took me down to the Catholic Worker house in Boston. I met folks like Michael Harrington who was writing "The Other America" at the time.

So I wonder, being a socialist and a Catholic leftist can I qualify or are you guys somehow the arbiters.

What is your standing to determine who is a true American and what a person's true duties are?

And you think you can write the left out of the history of America? Insane. Next up:mustang pontificates on state's rights and rewrites history to state the south didn't secede to maintain slavery.

And you talk about warping history.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

To Mustang's list, I'll add, where were the parents of the children sitting in school with toxic textbooks. None of this could have happened had truth been taught in the schools.

We were a trusting society who believed our school officials were next to God. We believed our pastors would always preach the Bible, and nothing got our attention until the abortion issue. That woke us up, but it was too late.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

One last thing: there are many things I can overlook so long as my tax money isn't used to further an illegal or immoral issue.

We need government out of all aid to everyone, and for lack of a better way to put it, out of the 'humanities' and out of many of the sciences. I wouldn't be nearly as cranky if my tax money didn't go to so many abhorrent causes.

We have two past presidents, Bush and Clinton heading up the Haiti relief and most of the money has been stolen.

(I hope that isn't off-topic. It seems all brewed in the same pot to me. We finance pushing truth to the curb, and justice defends the push.)

Ducky's here said...

Maggie, how about the trillion that's down the dumper in Afghanistan and Iraq?

You get any benefit from that?

Or do you really think the American military stopped those crack Iraqi spec-ops night dropping and putting botulism in your corn flakes?

Oh, why have the last few terrorist attempts been foiled by civilians and not this crack security apparatus we are spending a fortune on?

Chuck said...

I don't know that it is a matter of the majority being silent as much as being ignored and isolated.

Prior to Fox News and the internet, who was there to distribute the message?

We have discussed the role of the state media in the US to death but it is not as simple as showing a bias, they have literally broadcasted liberal propaganda for the last 40+ years without any true form of rebuttal.

Liken it to pre-collapse Soviet Union. There was only one message that the people of the USSR got, the states version.

The people of the country individually did not support the message that was given them but they did not have the ability to see that a large part of those in the country also did not support it.

In this way, the government controlled the populace. It is a formula seen over and over again in communist/socialist countries. (See China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.)

The wall separating the two parts of Germany were brought down by one simple factor, education.

The people of the country were able to see that there far more of them that were against the status quo than there were those that kept it alive.

BTW Duck. We all know the Civil War was fought so that the boys down south can drive around in pick-ups with gun racks and confederate flags in them, belching, and listening to country and western music while beating their barefoot and pregnant wife/sister.

Ticker said...

Duck, you're in MY house now and this kind of BS will not be accepted.

Next up:mustang pontificates on state's rights and rewrites history to state the south didn't secede to maintain slavery.

It has absolutely zero to do with the topic and you will not come into my house and insult the posters who come here.

Do I make myself clear?

Ticker said...

Oh, why have the last few terrorist attempts been foiled by civilians and not this crack security apparatus we are spending a fortune on?

Duck because your socialist President has surrounded himself with fools who don't have a flippin clue about intelligence. To put Nappy into such a role is an insult to terrorist. DHL is a joke.

Always On Watch said...

In my homeschool classes, we use the A Beka curriculum. That curriculum does an excellent job of exposing the vile forces of humanism -- with all its many names.

Moral relevance will destroy any culture. Right now, all of the West is busy practicing moral relevance ("I'm okay, you're okay").

Ticker, does Fallen Eagle discuss how the social gospel has undermined Christianity?

Scotty said...

Prior to Fox News and the internet, who was there to distribute the message?

I agree with Chuck, I think that has shown itself in the last election.

I remember back in 86 or 87, I was driving tractor trailers back then, when I was station surfing on the AM bands and tripped across Rush Limbaugh. I was actually looking for Dr. Ruth!! I thought she was a riot to listen to!

I thought I was the two headed freak until I heard him express a lot of the things I thought. I had a sense of relief when I learned I wasn't the only one.

It's grown from there and I believe it will continue to grow. Just look at the voices we have out there now when, it wasn't that long ago, it was just one or two crying out from the wilderness.

And the Christians allowed it to happen when the left used out context verses against them/us. Many said nothing because they didn't have a working knowledge of the Word.

We allowed the them to use, "judge not lest you be judged" against us and we said nothing because of a few of things.

Because we didn't understand the context of where that verse was taken from. Not knowing that testing all things is not necessarily judging.

Because we didn't have the backbone. Because I think that many thought there weren't the numbers of like thinking folks, now we're learning that's not the case.

Or, in my case, I was too busy just trying to make a living and taking care of my family. I was working 60 to 70 hours a week, I didn't have the time nor the energy to fight anything....

And I would list most folks in that last category.....most conservatives have REAL jobs!! And because of that, they just don't have the time!

It's only since I've retired have I had the time to let my presence be known.

Debbie said...

Humanism has been intruding into America for many years now. I don't believe it was so openly pushed as in recent years though. We can see the terrible results every day.

Way back groups like the World Council of Churches, which includes Episcopalians, Presbyterians, have changed churches from religious groups to social clubs.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

AOW ask:Ticker, does Fallen Eagle discuss how the social gospel has undermined Christianity?

He covers it all and leaves no doubt as to how the apostasy of the church is to blame.

Ticker said...

AOW this book is available as an E-book at Laurus , the link provided with Thomas' book.

Z said...

a humanist can't think beyond himself, to something bigger and greater...hence, no God...His existence is threatening to them.

Ducky, are we supposed to LIKE your new America, this America that has so few values, this America you champion with your socialist views? Or are we, too, like past generations of fine Americans who understand and champion the Constitution, individual rights and small government, supposed to shut up and watch your type ruin America even more because God forbid we speak up we're inciting violence. Cozy scenario your side dreamed up.
Totally unAmerican, you must be so happy.
The minute they saw we're NOT shutting up, out came bigger insults and inferences than ever before...and you respect that?
Sorry, Ticker, I just can't ignore that junk he spews.

Always On Watch said...

this book is available as an E-book at Laurus

I don't have a Kindle or a Nook.

I'll have to look into other versions.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, you can download an app and use your computer as a Kindle.

Always On Watch said...

Duck said:

you can download an app and use your computer as a Kindle.

Where do I get that app?