Saturday, January 29, 2011

You've lost that loving feeling - The Righteous Brothers

Dedicated to:  Make your own dedication and post memories. 


GM Roper said...

Not only is this song PERFECT for The Won, but the new(?) design(?) colors(?) look great.

Ticker said...

Yep GM his far left base made the dedication .
Glad you like the new format! Things just fit better in this one and the color, well paint's cheap as they say. Getting ready to do the same thing inside the house as well.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I just looked this up Ticker, since we were talking about it on FB. One of the Righteous Brothers is still alive. He would be about 70 now. The other one died in 2003. I remember that I loved them doing Unchained Melody. This is a great one too.

I love your new look!

Ticker said...

You are right Maggie. I thought that Bill Medley had recently died but he is alive and kicking and performing at Branson.

Glad you like the new template. I do as well. It is much lighter and I have more room it seems.