Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dedicated To ,,,


Dedicated to The One I Love - The Shirelles (1959&1961)

From 1961**, Reachin' back in time and diggin' up memories of slooow movin' on the dance floor.  Now turn it on, turn it up, but baby, don't ever turn it off. 

This is Dedicated to those old enough to remember and to those aren't but still have a love for all things good.

Dedicate it to who ever you wish and post some memories, it's golden oldie time here with Ticker at Jus'Sayin'.

**Song was originally released in 1959 but didn't make the charts until it was re-released in 1961.  If memory serves me correctly  I heard it originally on WLAC Nashville TN, The  John R show. He played much of the early R&B sound that became the Mo-town sound later on. The later at night the better the reception on the lil transistor radio I carried around with me and in my car since it didn't come equipped with a built in radio. Crusin down the boulevard listen to John R. Ahhhh, the memories.  He had more soul than any white man in his time.  Anyone else remember John R?


Anonymous said...

Ah Ticker, I remember this group & song! It was also done by the Mommas & the Poppas back in '67.

I saw the Righteous Brothers in the other thread...LOL! My favorite song & always will be was by them..."Unchained Meleody".

Thanks for sharing!
Lanner :-]

Anonymous said...

Ooops on the typo **Melody***

...gotta get my 2nd cup!! LOL

GM Roper said...

Unchained Melody... you bet... one of the best ever recorded.

I remember the song, danced to it in the 10th grade in Arkansas... Ahhh, those were the days... innocence, excitement, the world was ours. Then came LBJ.

Anonymous said...

Fifty years ago today, I boarded a bus for Charlotte, to be enisted in the U. S. Air Force. Yeah, this is a special day for me. I will never regret going, but I'd not do it again, period.

Ticker said...

OK Lanner, get that coffee down girl, shake off the sleep and geeeet dooown girl! Yep, Momma's and Poppa did it too but I still love the Shirelles doing it.

GM guess I was a bit ahead, I was a Senior in Tennessee and loved to do some belly rubbin on that song. hahaha.

Congrats Anon on going AF. I too was AF. Thank you for your service. I'd do it all over again!

Ticker said...

Roper, you don't remember John R? Maybe you were listening to KOMA and Wolfman Jack about that time.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Oh yes, I remember this. Also Mama Said. I looked them up too, and it appears one of them is no longer alive.

I enjoyed all three Ticker. Great job. I wish I would remember to post some music!

Ticker said...

It's been fun Maggie. I hope to continue doing this type of thing on weekends in the future. I have loads of old 33's and 45's and when I see some of the titles it reminds me of another song so I look it up and from there I just keep digging.