Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Civil War--Written From A Different Perspective

I was recently browsing some different blog sites in order to find something new. Something that did not take the news headlines and turn them into a blog post as we all are guilty of doing so often. I didn't find much to speak of but  what I found was from a post on Facebook by an old friend from newspaper blogging days in Greensboro, NC entitled Urban Legends Dixiecrats and the GOP and from there on it was constant reading  of new and refreshing commentary. 

It is a blog by members of the Black community and directed mainly at that readership as the main title would indicate,  DAWNING A NEW DAY ,The Frederick Douglass Foundation Community Blog. However I do not believe that this group of bloggers/writers would object to "White folk" reading or even commenting on the blogs. 

The article that perhaps attracted my attention the most was one entitled Another Civil War.
Many of us have written about the possibility of such but I have never read such knowledgeable input on the matter. 

The writer begins the article with these statements:
 My next statement is uncharacteristic of me because, as a former intelligence officer, business executive, homeland security professional and now an associate dean, my hallmark has always been prudence and ensuring my words are measured. But I feel it needs to be said.
I wonder if 2008 is the last peaceful American presidential election I will have witnessed in my lifetime. I find myself asking, “To what lengths will people go to ensure President Obama is reelected?”
Will President Obama step in and calm the waters, and if he doesn’t, does that beg the question of whether or not agitation to the point of violence is the Democrats’ strategy for victory in 2012?
I look around me and, like a geologist measuring the warning signs of an impending volcanic eruption, I’m disturbed and wondering if anyone else is picking up on the signs of disaster.

I invite you to read this informative , yet disturbing commentary and share your thoughts as to the authors opinions.  

I also recommend another reading from this same blog entitled Back When We Were Negroes. You can find the link in the margin of the blog which I am featuring.


Faultline USA said...

Ron Miller's article was spot on. I'm sure that many of us share his worries. The aggitation to the point of violence by those wallowing in their own bitterness!

Ticker said...

I thought the same thing Faultline. It was refreshing to here this from a perspective other than the rantings that so many "whites" put up as signs and such of the possibility of a coming Civil War or violence in the upcoming elections.

Debbie said...

He had a point, I've worried about the same thing. When you have the DNC chair calling school children "little Democrats", and we see the indoctrination going on in schools, also the way the SEIU, the Brotherhood, etc. acted in the last elections, we're in for trouble.

Right Truth

Chuck said...

I think Wisconsin and Occupy (insert city here) are just dress rehearsals.

Look at the rhetoric out there lately from Obama, Biden, any union leader, several Democratic Congressional members.

Look at all of the black mob-on-white violence we have been experiencing around the country.

I wonder though if it is such a good idea for them. I'm not sure the public is going to take too well to images of violence in the streets.

Which leads to the next concern - what happens after Obama loses.

Ticker said...

Chuck the writer has those same concerns--after the election as well as during.
I found this an interesting observation coming from a Black man. One thing for sure he ain't on the plantation.

Ticker said...

Debbie, I fear that you are correct as does the writer of the article.

sue hanes said...
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Bubba said...

MANY people have picked up on this, but it's not often talked about.

Obviously, it worries certain members of the black community also, the ones who refuse to stay down on the victim plantation where the Dems/Lefties/"Progressives like to keep them, as part of the great Victimization Scam the cretins love to utilize.

Ticker said...

Long time no see Bubba. You are correct in your assessment of the situation.