Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UPDATED; Fast and Furious Becomes Bigger and Curiouser

 As the story begins to unfold it presents more questions than answers.  
One question arose concerning the fact that IF there were Mexican Drug Cartel's involved why were there no members of a cartel named or mentioned on the indictments. There was of course the individual who was to carry out the plan and some individuals in Iran but NO Mexican cartel members.  Kind of strange don't you think?

Next question arises in regard to the activity of a Mexican Drug cartel hit.  Would a cartel risk losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money made in the US for a few hundred thousand dollars and eventual perhaps a million dollars to become involved in an Iranian plot to kill a Saudi Ambassador on US soil?  Now let's see, a few hundred thousand dollars for a hit and a chance of losing millions and millions?  Something smells and it's not yesterdays fish wrap.
That brings up another question Is it, as put forth yesterday,a cover-up for Fast and Furious actions to circumvent answering any questions based on "National Security" interest?

I'll leave the answers or possible answers up to you the reader.

Next, what do we do? Sanctions?  Expel all Iranian diplomats and sanctions?  Blockades?

Your call.

 And yes, I  know the word Curiouser is not a correct word and only exist in Alice's Wonderland, the land which Obama, Holder and his cohorts seem to be living in.

 Just when the heat is being turned up on Holder for his complicity in Fast and Furious and the murder of a Border Patrol Agent suddenly we have a new threat of terrorism.  How convenient for Holder.

Strange thing, or perhaps not so strange given the fiasco of the DOJ and it's umbrella agencies, is that all this began along the Mexican boarder area of Corpus Christi and involves Mexican drug cartels, which we know received most of the "lost " weapons due to the DOJ incompetency and cover-up.

Obama was first briefed in June and the man was arrested September 29 and yet it remained hush-hush until now. A coincidence?

Listen to Holder "explain " as well as read the clip from The Envoy  as reported on Yahoo News


Chuck said...

Issa needs to step up and make this public. The media will do all they can to bury it, he needs to get the word out

Ticker said...

It was on FOX but I can't verify the other stations. I saw a link for FOX on google.'

Issa will tie it altogether, count on it. Holder is strung out like string on a kite and it will hang him in a tree soon.

Debbie said...

The press conference was cut short when Holder was asked about Fast and Furious, interesting. GO ISSA

Right Truth

Faultline USA said...

How convenient for Holder and the MSM!

Debbie said...

Yes, so many questions. When this first broke, we were all sort of shocked. Now that we've had a day to think about it, there are so many unanswered questions. As I said somewhere else, the Israelis have been very quiet about this, I haven't heard one major comment from them.

I think it was Bob Baer (former CIA?) who said this doesn't make any sense at all. That the IRG is so well trained they would carry something like this out on their own, not depend on some drug cartel member. I've heard other experts say similar things. That it just doesn't make any sense.

A big Wag The Dog?

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

I see that Holder has been now received a subpoena.

Not that he'll tell the truth, of course.

Ticker said...

AOW and Debbie, With the supposed ties with Iran and the Mexican Drug Cartels (Fast &Furious) Holder can not claim National Security interest when asked questions about Fast and Furious. How convenient.