Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Iranian Plot or a Holder Cover-up

There are far too many questions and thngs that just do not make sense in this so called assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador. 

One question that comes to mind and something that just doesn't make sense is why  Iran, with all the experts in assassination and espionage , use an individual who has been in Texas for over twenty years and a used car salesman at that, to bring off an assassination?
Does anyone actually believe that the Iranian's are that stupid and so careless that they would use an inexperienced individual for suh a plot?

Next question. Would Iran then use such an individual to contact a Mexican Drug Cartel to aid in  carrying out a plot for a measly half million dollars up front and maybe another half million when the job is finished?  A question with that is why would the cartel risk billions for a measly half million dollars?

Next question.Why would Iran use anyone, when they no doubt have direct contact with such groups and have people in Mexico who could go direct if they were going to attempt to use someone from drug cartel to make the hit?

Next question. Why, in the indictments put out by  Holder and the DOJ  are only a handful of Iranians listed, some of whom are relatives of the so called "hit man" or contact man and the rest such low level government individuals that they would perhaps be equal to a county employee in the US?

 Next question. Why, in the indictments put out by Holder and the DOJ are there NO CARTEL members mentioned?

 Next question. Why was it a very low level agent who happened to stumble across this alleged plot and the only one to have contact with the "used car salesman" turned hit man?

Something smells about all this and it's not yesterdays fish wrap paper or the cats litter box.

Bigger Questions.

Could this be just more in the unfolding cover -up of  Holders complicity in Fast and Furious ?

Would this not give Holder the perfect excuse of I can't say anything because it involves National Security?

Why hasn't the LSM asked these questions? 

Why hasn't Issa figured this out yet when it makes perfect sense to this lowly blogger?

Lots of questions and yet no answers. Perhaps you can provide some.


Anonymous said...

BTW Ticker are not crazy.

This whole thing though seems to have been hatched in the cuckoo's nest. Amateurish at best. There are determined evil doers out there but it seems that the ones we snare are usaly stupid cretins duped in a sting where the US is plays a bigger role than the bad guys as opposed to some group acting alone.

The presser could have been held two weeks ago. What a nice distraction from Fast & Furious. Do you realy think Holder has the nerve to try and somehow mix this " plot " with his gunrunning operation and claim as you say ..sorry can't answer that..National Security. If he tries that it is time for Issa to stop being so nice. Impeach Holder.

Fred G.

Anonymous said...

Ticker, you know I have an opinion, but I daren't post it here, as they may come for me, next. You know what I mean?

Old Rose

Ticker said...

Fred, Yes Holder will very well try to use this. He learned such crap from his Masa, Obama.
Certainly it should have been told on September 29th.

Rose, Let em come. I invite them to come.

Chuck said...

I'm not quite ready to go to it being fabricated but it does smell. Pretty much everything with Holder does.

Debbie said...

I've been waiting for the Israelis to respond, they have been really quiet. There were a few comments from them concerning the thwarted attacks on their embassies in Argentina, thanking the Americans for uncovering the plot. I saw one article today that makes me thing this was the real thing.

In touch with a few folks who have seen some of the information, they think it is legit and that there is much more that has not been made public concerning other plots. I suppose we will have to wait and see.

Even if it is legit, doesn't mean that Obama isn't using it NOW to deflect the media from Fast and Furious, and other things.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

The only "releases" I've heard Debbie come from the WH State Dept and DOD. Don't trust any of them
as far as I can throw them.

What a nice coincidence. What a wonderful crisis, much to good to let go to waste. Holder in the mean time is skating even with tapes released with obama talking about speaking with Holder on Fast and Furious long before he said he knew anything about it. The two of them will lie their way out of this. When both should be jailed.