Saturday, October 8, 2011


It appears that the Religious Far Right is up to it's old tricks once again.

Tony Perkins and his RFR gang met in what he called a Values Voter Summit. It is nothing more than an attempt to coerce GOP candidates to accept their narrow minded agenda of Gays, Marriage and Abortion in order to gain their endorsement.

To this bunch there are no problems that exceed their agenda. Not the economy, not jobs, not the world situation, just their narrow agenda . 

We saw it in 08 before the elections and by default this group elected Obama just as I predicted they would in June of 08.
The attack on Romney in 08 was started by Perkins and his group and the AFA(American Family Association) Founded by Donald Wildmon, which I have often called "The American Taliban".

Here it is, 2011 and the Religious Far Right has not learned anything from the past.

They immediately began their attack on Mitt Romney over his religious beliefs with Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress saying Romney was no Christian but a member of a cult. The same language used in 08 by wannabe "King Maker" John Hagee , who of course was pulling for Mikey Hucklebutt to win the nomination.

Being a former member of the RFR as a Baptist preacher he was in their pocket and would push their agenda over and above anything else.   When their "boy" failed to gain the nomination and it went to McCain they immediately began to tell their congregations not to vote for McCain because he was not conservative enough. McCain had drawn the ire of John Hagee by not accepting his endorsement. Hagee claimed McCain sought it and McCain showed proof that he did not ask for nor would he accept the endorsement. We know the results of stay at home RFR voters--- Obama.

 I am not particularly enamored with Romney because of his political stand on issues but it is indeed sad when a group of Far Right, narrow minded thinkers, if you can call it thinking at all, can attack someone because they do not agree with his or her religious beliefs while claiming to be loving and forgiving.

I have not heard what the other candidates had to say on this situation but I will be listening and watching and expecting them to distance themselves from this bunch of bigots of the Religious Far Right. 

There should be no place for language  and attacks such as occurred in a supposedly "christian" group.  Jesus certainly would not have tolerated such and would IMO have called them a brood of vipers. For indeed they are not only two faced but dangerous as well.

They use the separation of church and state when it suits them but  yet would establish their views of religion as the only view. They use freedom of speech and religion when it suits them but yet seek to silence those who have different views. 

I have no use for such bigotry , narrow mindedness, and intolerance as displayed by this group of Pharisees. I would hope that all the candidates would call for an immediate apology from Perkins for allowing such language to be spoken in a meeting which he organized supposedly for the purpose of hearing the thoughts of ALL the candidates. It was indeed a farce and as I stated in the beginning of this article it was nothing more than a meeting  to coerce those attending to accept the agenda of this narrow minded bunch of bigots.

It 's time to put an end to the KING MAKERS of the Religious Far Right for they do nothing but give true Christians a bad name. 

Here is an example of what I have written about. These comments were made by the Rev. Jefferies. 

I believe we should always support a Christian over a non-Christian. The value of electing a Christian goes beyond public policies. . . . Christians are uniquely favored by God, [while] Mormons, Hindus and Muslims worship a false god. The eternal consequences outweigh political ones. It is worse to legitimize a faith that would lead people to a separation from God.

He evidently believes that Romney would lead folks to a separation from God.  He is of the same kind who said that if John Kenney were elected President the Pope would be ruling the country within a year.  Some folks never learn.

Cain refused to be dragged into the fight and simply stated that the comment was  not appropriate and other than that he was not commenting because he was focused on creating jobs and growing the economy .

Perry did not speak out against the comment. After all Jefferies was the one who introduced Perry and in short endorsed  him which again was not part of the so called Summit.  His comments were: Perry walked onstage and thanked Jeffress for the endorsement. He really knocked it out of the park!"

Santorum, the fair haired boy of the Religioius Far Right ignored the comments evidently but one could only expect sch from the pick of the crop by the RFR.

Bachmann , no condemnation of the comments by Jefferies


There was a STRAW POLL  taken at this farce of a summit and here are the results.  Perhaps many of those attending don't agree with Jefferies and Perkins agenda.

Ron Paul – 37%
Herman Cain – 23%
Rick Santorum – 16%
Michele Bachmann – 8%
Rick Perry – 8%
Mitt Romney – 4%
Newt Gingrich – 3%
Undecided – 1%
Jon Huntsman – 0%


Debbie said...

It's hard for me to understand how Ron Paul comes in number one with that group.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

It was indeed a surprise to me but perhaps some voted for Paul as a way of protesting the remarks. Paul is enough conservative in his family values to attract a good number of votes but I would have expected to see Santorum, or Bachmann , the chosen ones of "gawd" according to Perkins and his band of Pharisees, to have placed much higher.

Cain is a true conservative and received votes accordingly since he also believes in the sanctity of life as well as marriage is between man and woman which of course are two of the RFR banners.

LASunsett said...

It is this very deplorable bigotry that made a significant contribution to the election of Barack Obama. The Shiite Christians will never learn anymore that the jihadis will.

The Pharisees of Christ's day asked Him if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. He asked for a coin. He asked whose inscription was on it. They replied that it was Caesar's. He then went on the say, render the things that are Caesar's unto Caesar and to God, the things that belong to God.

Right there, He separated church and state.

So to all of the Reactionary Religious Right, I would ask them one thing. Is it better that we have a man in office who has given us the appearance of being a closet Muslim, or a Mormon?

He wasn't my first choice either, for the reasons Ticker lists. But he would have been a far better President than Hussein.

Ticker said...

Thank you LA for your comments. I totally agree and only hope that the majority of folks will see through Perkins and his band of Taliban before election time.
Now what about Paul taking the straw poll at Perkins Party! Hahahahah Whodda thunk it!

Faultline USA said...

Thanks Ticker for the great article. I agree with your assessment. I've spent the last 13 years fighting the abuses of the religious far left and now I'm butting heads with the equally repulsive far right bigotry.