Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ron Paul's Plan for America-- His Short But To The Point 11 Point Plan

 With the attempt to give voters the information needed to make an intelligent, informed choice we have presented the Plan for America as it is being called on this blog of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain. Each of these plans can be found in the archives of Jus'Sayin'.   Today Ron Paul is being featured.  Take time to read his plan carefully and compare it to the others.
Being informed is the only way one can make an intelligent decision.
We all know what happens when the uninformed vote.
The evidence plainly shown in the 08 elections. 
This country cannot afford to elect and unqualified individual again. One who's only plan was to transform America. The information lacking was into what. We now see that it was to transform this country into a socialist , Eurostyle, country.

                           Ron Paul's Plan for America 

Dr. Ron Paul's (R Tex)  plan for America is short. It contains but 11 points which would seem to indicate that he is serious about smaller government.
It takes less than one page for him to present his ideas. With the commentary it was a total of 3 pages. I have removed some but left links which may help to further explain his plan.

Herman Cain presents his in 10 pages including commentary. Newt Gingrich, 24 pages including commentary. Mitt Romney's is the longest thus far with 59 points taking up 85 pages with commentary.  Those who advocate smaller government it would seem would want to make their points in as few words as possible.

There is no need for an additional link to read Dr. Pauls  Plan for America since he  says it all in the following 11 points. The commentary which I mentioned was not his but comments from the presenter of the plan on a non-Ron Paul website. 

To be an informed voter one must know the stand of every candidate in the field. It is also helpful in discussing the differences between your candidates plan and the plan of others.

Thank you for reading and becoming informed. I will continue to present each candidates platform as it comes available.  Some have no plan or at least not one in a presentable format. We will do our best to present the plan in the clearest form possible.

                                                     Here is Dr. Ron Paul's 11-point plan:

11.  Energy Independence Eliminate the federal gas tax of $0.18 per gallon and eliminate the EPA, allowing prosecution of polluters to answer to citizens, not Washington, and allowing coal, oil, nuclear and other forms of energy to be safely explored.

10.  Education : Dr. Paul would like to see the U.S. Department of Education return its powers to the states and parents. He proposes and intends to give parents a $5,000 tax credit per child for kids K-12 to help with all the costs of education.  He is supportive of home-schooling and will veto legislation that interferes with parents choosing to home-school their children.

9. Workers' Rights  Dr. Ron Paul is against forcing workers to join unions and pay dues if they do not want to, citing the $8 billion that union leaders bring in annually that is often given to political candidates.  He does not want workers forced to belong to unions or to be under union control against their will.

8. Protect Gun Rights   Protecting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.  Here is an example of a town <>  that required each head of household to own a gun.  This policy resulted in decreased crime <> .

7. Heath Care Dr. Ron Paul will repeal Obamacare, allow for tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses and not allow money that belongs in Medicare or Medicaid to be misused for other purposes.  He will protect the privacy of American citizens' medical records from the federal government, remove barriers for all citizens to have HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)  and keep the FDA out of vitamins and alternative treatments.  Also, he wants to provide payroll deductions for terminal illnesses and caregivers.

6. Pro-Life Issue  Here is the one fact all Americans need to know.  Dr. Paul is the only Republican candidate who has said,  "So while Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid <> ...  if a bill attempting to make abortion illegal federally in the U.S. were passed by the House and Senate, Dr. Paul would veto the bill as unconstitutional. 

5.  Immigration Reform:
Immigration reform <>  should start with improving our border protection, ... we need to take serious steps to prevent terrorists   from gaining easy access to targets on our soil.  They should not be slipping through our doors so easily, using our immigration laws against us, and that is why I proposed the Terror Immigration Elimination Act <>  (HR 3217) to toughen standards for VISAS from countries on the State Department's list of terrorist sponsoring countries in addition to Saudi Arabia

In short, the plan is to secure the border, end amnesty, abolish welfare to illegal immigrants, end birthright citizenship and protect lawful immigrants.

4.  National Defense    Dr. Paul's approach is simple.  He believes in a strong national defense and is against militarism...  in other words, protect the U.S. but do not police the world and require congressional approval before declaring war. 

3.  Taxes : Dr. Paul would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolishes income and death taxes.  Ideally, he'd like to close the IRS.  He would seek to repeal capital gains taxes and reduce then abolish taxes on Social Security.  Before a flat or fair tax  would be implemented, Dr. Paul would ensure that the 16th Amendment, which made income taxation legal, would be repealed so we don't end up with both.

2.  End the Fed  The Fed  The U.S. Constitution is considered such a well thought-through document as it was drafted in a time of peace rather than as a reaction to a panic. Documents and policies that are reviewed and seen in the light of day by calm, rational people tend to be better for the long-term wellness of the people than policies passed quickly in an emotional, reactive and hurried manner.  the Fed. Dr. Paul would commit to passing legislation that requires transparency and accountability from the Fed.

1. Economy  : Dr. Paul's plan is to audit the Fed, veto any unbalanced budget and refuse to raise the debt ceiling.  He is also committed to getting rid of self-dealing and corruption in D.C.  Additionally, he will eliminate income taxes, capital gains taxes and death taxes.   ...    if elected president in 2012, he says he would balance the budget in one year.


Faultline USA said...

Glad you are posting some of the candidate's plans so far. Very helpful.

Ticker said...

Thank you for you kind words. I do honestly feel that it is so very important that we know where each candidate stands. I am not bothered at all that it takes much time to not only find some of the Plans but then to read through the pages upon pages of explanation.
If the uninformed once again control the vote in this country we are finished. That is my own personal opinion based on what we have seen in the last 3 years.