Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gary Johnson's Plan For America

Gary Johnson,  GOP candidate for the nomination of President of These United States has presented his plan for economic growth or as we have called it here Plan for America.
He sent his plan to the White House on a postcard. At least he is working to keep postal workers jobs.

His numbers are dismal and actually do not even create a blip on the radar screen. His performance in debates  has been dismal but at time hilarious even if he did steal the joke of his dog creating more shovel ready jobs than Obama.

In all fairness, just as has been given to each candidate his views are being presented.
It is important to read them and compare them with the other candidates views already presented.

Without an informed electorate the results of the upcoming 2012 elections could be even more disastrous than the 08 election.

                                       Gary Johnson's Plan For America

“Americans can’t wait any longer for the hand-wringing to produce results.  If Congress would do three simple things, and they could do them next week with straight up –or-down votes, I guarantee that we would see historic job creation almost overnight.

 Instead of giving lip service to the need to reduce the corporate tax rate, just eliminate the tax altogether.  It is double taxation, and the current 35% rate is among the highest of producing nations.  Eliminate it, and instead of watching jobs go overseas, we would see the U.S. become the undisputed job magnet of the world.
“Recognizing that eliminating the corporate tax may cause a temporary loss of revenue and increase the deficit – at least on paper, Congress and the President can, next week, mandate immediate spending reductions of $300 billion.  If they need help figuring out how to do that, I’m available.  One place to start might be the wars and nation-building we don’t need to be fighting or doing.  Clearly, more cuts are needed, and as president, I would submit a balanced budget for 2013.
“Finally, one can argue that the greatest obstacle to job creation in the private sector is uncertainty.  From the dark cloud of health care reform and its costs to a host of other regulatory machinations coming from Washington, investors and employers have no clue what their costs are going to be or what the competitive landscape will be going forward.  The President has tremendous power to adjust or even stop regulatory policies and enforcement that are preventing job creation, and the Administration and Congress need to focus like a laser on doing so.

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