Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Death To Republicans--While We're At It, Let's Rape 'em too.

Oh the Leftist media, how fair and honest they claim to be. How they are all for "free speech" and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

We have all heard how wonderfully open minded and non-violent these folks are in recent weeks when it comes to morons rioting, blocking streets, trespassing on private and public property. Nary a peep except to call the policemen thugs and instigators , the real instigators got a free pass.

 Bill Maher,The oh so non violent, kind hearted, loveable (to hear the leftist loonies describe him) shows his true colors as he condones and agrees with calls for the Death of Republicans and allows the guest to  say he would even Rape some of them.  Now ain't that sweet thinking and sweet talking on his part.

I recently joked about tar and feathering and riding him and his kind out of town on a rail but after hearing this I would think it too good for him.

And for the record here is more of the oh so non-violent , lawabiding comments   of the Lawless Liberal Legions. 

Hattip to Douglas V. Gibbs of -- Political Pistachio


Anonymous said...

Neuter him !

Always On Watch said...

The Left is vile.

I watched the video. What I see in play is group think. These people feed off each other's hatred of the Right.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, Dan Savage cited the following as his "excuse" for his vile statement:

"In vino, stupidtas."

Read his "apology" in the update at the end of the link I just left.

Many times, imbibing lowers inhibitions to the point that the true personality shows.

Always On Watch said...

I couldn't get the link at the end of your post to work.

Chuck said...

More humor from the left.

Ticker said...

AOW it is on Political Pistachio. You can use the link by that name and then scroll down a few post and you will find it. He also has some really good ones on there such as Bay Occupiers looking for Kent State Moment or something to that effect. Doug puts out some good stuff and also is a constitutional scholar. Teaches it from time to time on line.

Ticker said...

Yea Chuck I saw that one as well but figured two such hateful post were enough. Thanks for bringing it over however. I am sure that many will be interested in reading just how 'non-violent' the Left is after accusing the Tea Party of all kinds of violence. You know deadly stuff like spitting on a Congressman, which never happened, throwing rocks and breaking doors on legislature offices, which never happend but woe are those "hate filled Tea Party folks and the Right.

sue hanes said...

Boil the dust speck!

Down with Bill Maher - the evil one.

Vile is really too kind of a word for that guy.

Disgusting is more like it.