Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Music Time

Beautiful , haunting voice of Allison Krauss, telling the story of Down by the River.

I remember as a young boy seeing baptisms in the creeks, river and even cow ponds where I grew up. City churches had their fancy baptistery's  but there was just  something very different about 'dunkin" in the out of doors. 

My Dad grew up a Methodist but one of what my Grandmother called "shoutin, dunkin"
Methodist and he told of them having to break the ice to baptize him and a host of others.

My Mother, a Baptist, was also baptized in a creek and once again they had to break the ice. It was in the spring but the creeks had frozen over after a long hard cold winter.

I witnessed my grandson Luke, being baptized in a lake in Texas while we were still there. It was a joyful experience for all of us. 

If you have a story of baptizing in the creek, river or what ever feel free to relate it so that others can be blessed by your story as well.

Hattip for this great song goes to John Jones, my good friend, fellow classmate and now an associate Pastor in East Tennessee where they still "dunk" in the creek.  He posted this on FB  from where I uh,  "borrowed" it.


sue hanes said...
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Z said...

THanks for posting this; I really love this song and Alison does a fantastic job with it ....what else is knew? just wonderful

PJ said...

She's one of my favorite artists. Anything she records will be good listenin'

I must have been seven or eight when my dad took me to an "old fashioned river baptism." It was on a Sunday afternoon. The sky was overcast and there was a light drizzle. The site was very close to Johnson City, in relative terms. It could have been the Holston, Nolchucky, or Watauga rivers.

Debbie said...

Very nice song. My mother two was a Methodist in her early years, then changed to Baptist.

(On another note, off topic, I did sent that letter to Herman Cain via his website "contact" link. I don't expect to hear anything, but we will see. Let me know what you hear. We still like Herman Cain and will vote for him, if he doesn't do himself in or allow the media to do it.)

Right Truth

Ticker said...

TY Debbie. His website e mail gets no response, thus the reason for my trip there.

Always On Watch said...

I wasn't dunked at all, much less in a river.

But my mother and all of her family were! Yep, they originated from East Tennessee. Many in my mother's family migrated to the D.C. area during the Great Depression so as to get employment.

Love Allison Krauss's voice!

Ticker said...

AOW and the rest of the folks who may have been sprinkled. I use to tease my good friend and pastor for a number of years at a Presbyterian church in the Greensboro area in our discussions on baptism that he was just a "Dry Cleaned Baptist".

Hope that brought a chuckle and a smile to all.