Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday Music Fun

A dedication came to mind as I listened to this great hit from 1957, a time when parents had good answers for most every thing.

For the OCCUPY WALL STREET,  Long haired , unwashed group of morons who evidently need this advise as much as they need a bath LISTEN UP and  SHADDA DA DAH  GET A JOB.

I was going to include Obama in this dedication but decided to wait until 2013 when he too will need to GET A JOB. 


Anonymous said...

Good choice for that mob in the park. If you have been visiting Cone you know that the usual suspects in GSO are having a march/protest here today. The only jobs created by these wannabe Occupiers will be overtime pay for extra police ( paid for by working taxpayers )

On another note here is a non-silly song by Bryan Adams from the soundtrack of Don Juan DeMarco

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Fred G.

GM Roper said...

Inspired choice of song for that "mob" (actually, I think a mob might be better organized and distinctly cleaner.)

Debbie said...

Good one, I love oldies and this one is perfect, especially since Jesse Jackson, Jr. wants the government to hire all the unemployed Americans and pay them $40,000 for 5 years.

(what about the illegals?) Welcome the the Democrat plantation

Right Truth

Ticker said...

Jesse JR is another one who has never held a job in his entire life. I'm sure he'd see that he got his share from the plantation dwellers. Nothing but a race hustler like his daddy. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree is certainly true. Both useless.

Always On Watch said...

A perfect music choice for these idiotic days of Occupy Whatever.