Friday, October 28, 2011

More Nonsense from "The (Clueless) One"

Arkansas Whirlpool Plant is closing it's doors meaning that over 1100 people will lose their jobs. Whirlpool also announced that they will be eliminating 5000 more jobs this year.

Now what does Obama do?  He by-passes Congress, forms a website for businesses by Executive Order.  

Wonder how many of the 5000 people this useless website will feed?

Certainly not as many as the five loaves and two fishes that Jesus used.  But then again Obama sees himself as "the messiah".  

No wonder I'm tired. Tired of Obama. 2012 election can't come soon enough.


Chuck said...

The focus has been on who will be the GOP nominee. At this point I almost don't care. It has literally become anyone but Obama

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like anyone with half a brain would visit an OBAMA GOVERNMENT sponsored website!!

Do you really want all the "spooks" (cookies) they'd drop on your computer? Not in this lifetime!!!


Old Rose

Debbie said...

Yes I'm looking forward to Obama being out, but don't count him out just yet, and who will replace him? Lots can happen.

Right Truth

Z said...

I've already said I'd vote for Jack the Ripper Republican at this point!

nonsense is right, Ticker......utter nonsense; how's that website and his bypassing congress going to do anything good for anyone?

Picture what would have happened had Bush suggested this is what he'd do :-)