Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"It is not my time", said Christie.   "I owe my loyalty to the State of New Jersey"

"Like it or not New Jersey, you're stuck with me"

I don't know how much more clear the man can be. He said....


It is time to let it go and move on.

I know that this disappoints some in the mainstream GOP who sees Romney as only a maybe in the upcoming elections. It disappoints them because they have no one else who is a liberal on certain issues as Romney and Christie was their man.

While many hailed him as conservative, he was a long way from real conservative roots. His stand on the 2nd Amendment was enough to show his true colors. He was in favor of banning certain firearms. Conservatives would say , and rightly so, if you ban one, you open the door for banning all.

His stand on gay marriage would not pass the litimus test for conservatives but certainly would with those left of center. He doesn't believe that being an illegal alien is a crime which is far from the conservative view point.

His statement on Global Warming being caused by man is far from the conservative view as well as the views of those who have failed to swallow the Gore line.  The science is not settled on the matter regardless of Christie's , Gore's or the Lefts belief.

So America, you are free to breathe again. There will be no Christie bid for the White House and the country is saved from one who is less than conservative.


PJ said...

He never was on my Christmas card list. I am glad he won, but jumping into the prez race would have been incredibly stupid on his part. And, it would have made the water even more muddy that it is now. I have serious doubts it will become a reality, but I am looking for Cain to be be the nominee and Rubio his running mate.

Ticker said...

Oh the talking heads today are giving all of Christies votes to Romney. Of course they are so in the damn bucket for him it is unreal. Hey, and I am talking about the so called conservative FOX. It's friggin joke and the only time I watch it is for debates, jokes as well, and specials such as Christi's pass or maybe again was it really? Waiting to be drafted by the money boys in the GOP machine? That's my bet. The dang fools had better get behind CAin if they want to win. Romney will lose the conservative vote and Obama will get four more. Watch and see.

Chuck said...

I am not on the Christie bandwagon either. I do like that he has taken it to the teacher's union though

sue hanes said...

Ticker - He could have beat Obama.

Why is he afraid to come out of his comfort zone.

What a disappointment.